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Thread: FIRST APPEAL In Consumer Forum

  1. #361
    Unregistered Guest

    Question Miss guide to customer by construction co. (Hiland Group and Dream Weavers Realty Consultants (P) L)

    This is to inform you that wrong utilizing your brand name of Hiland Group & information of Govt. stake in your upcoming new projects "HILAND GREENS".

    I have got a call from Mr. Pallab Das (M-98360 46699), sales executive of M/s. Dream Weavers Realty Consultants Pvt. Ltd. regarding attractive offer of new launch of HILAND GREEMS. He has taken an appointment & has reached my office on 10.08.2015.

    As per him, Hiland Group offering confirm flat in Hiland Greens free allotment 1st 10 person for existing applications, who was taken application kit for Rs. 200/- on or before 16.08.2015.

    I have bought a kit vide No. 360755 for Rs. 200/-.

    I have called on +91 33 4037 3535 & shocked to know from them that there has not any kind of offer like above said.

    In this regard, I have called & email to Mr. Surojit Ray, Deputy Manager- Sales of M/s. Dream Weavers Realty Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Mob: +91 8017986074, E : ) as per him it is true that there is no such offer, some executive misguide. We are taking action them.

    They are utilizing the name of brand, Name of Sri Sourab Ganguly & Govt. stake in the project, so person easily making fool.

    Therefore, I request you to look into the matter & do the needful. Before chitted most of people, need strong steps against culprit. It is easy we can calculate form issued & sold by then and application submitted offline difference people chitted by them.

    Your prompt action in this regards would be highly appreciated.

    With Best regards

    Sk. Maksud
    (M) 8981005550

  2. #362 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2014


    HONDA JAPAN & INDIA have delivered faultily manufactured defective HONDA CITY car which may lead to serious injury and accidents. Can only hope the letter below will allow HONDA to do the right thing.

    Sub: Serious defect in Honda car, arising out of negligence during manufacturing process, leading to excessive and dangerous corrosion which may cause bodily harm to occupants of the Honda car and others

    Re: Honda City 1.5 V, Vehicle Registration Number - WB 06 F 6969, Chassis No – MAKGM253ABN206997, Engine No – L15A72214504, Purchase & Warranty date – 13/14-02-2011

    You say that...we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. Sometimes you are not, definitely not in this instance.

    Your goal, so you say is... to provide joy through your Business: The Joy of Buying: For those who buy your Products. Sorry, you have provided only sadness, mental harassment, agony and created bad environment and, possibly, of serious accident.

    You say that, to meet the particular needs of customers in different regions around the world, you base your sales networks, research and development centers and manufacturing facilities in each region. Furthermore, as a socially responsible corporate citizen, you strive to address important environmental and safety issues. This claim is highly doubtful as you have supplied a vehicle without bearing in mind the environmental conditions (at least in this instance) with improper finish and paint job, a manufacturing defect, leading to extreme corrosion which in turn endangers human safety.

    Such behavior, lack of quality consciousness, disregard for environment and safety, is helping Honda India to destroy the unparalleled legacy of greatness created by your Respected Founder Mr Soichiro Honda. Remember he also said “real happiness lies in completion of work using your own brains and skills”. Does the shoddy job provided by you make you happy??

    We refer you to our previous correspondence and would notify you that if you do not arrange to carry out complete corrosion repairs to the a/m Honda motor car free of cost within 21 days hereof, we shall institute legal proceedings in appropriate fora against all of you without any further reference to you.

    The facts are as follows:

    01. Purchase of one Honda City was made on 13-14/02/2011 upon payment of full value to you.
    02. Owing to inherent manufacturing defects, leading to uncontrolled rusting, corrosion of body, even the front portion of the vehicle has caved in as shown in photos.
    03. This particular car, if not the batch, has rusted since last more than 2 to 3 years owing to a serious and severe deficiency somewhere along the factory line. The damage and responsibility thereof can be established by various tests available incl. salt spray tests. You may also wish to carry out tests at any world-renowned lab supervised by a leading expert of forensics in motor cars, specializing in rust/corrosion matters.
    04. Your statement “formation of rust in car happens due to external natural factors”. If that were the case then all cars – Honda or otherwise - on Kolkata, if not Indian roads, would start rusting within 1 or 2 years of purchase as it has happened in your case. We own more than 4 cars – even more than 20 years old - none is affected by rust as the Honda is, although used equally and parked in the very same covered garage.
    05. No “stringent” quality tests esp. of the paint job at various corners and undulations were carried out by you.
    06. The rusting started after 2, and further deteriorated within 3 years of purchase. Despite the vehicle visiting your workshop numerous times, you did not take any notice of the spreading and dangerous rust. Shockingly, only in 2015 – after we sent our Honda to your workshop at your request (and after we were forced to complain to your Japan HO about the corrosion), you stated that some parts incl. underbody was rusted, totally ignoring the dangerous and unseemly rusting of the main body of the Honda!
    07. In the 4th year, the damage – owing obviously to some sort of manufacturing defect by Honda India – is even more dangerous than before;
    08. We have found innumerable complaints of rusting and corrosion against Honda City cars sold in India. You are surely aware of this fact.
    09. Damage is not caused by external factors directly but by manufacturing defect or owing to Honda not taking sufficient care during manufacturing process.
    10. Similar damage is seen in other Honda cars probably of same batch.
    11. Your excuse of warranty period having expired does not hold any water.
    12. You do not desire an amicable resolution of our concern and wish us to proceed legally in the interest of justice and fair play.
    13. The vehicle is parked in a covered garage in Alipore where not only 4 more cars of mine but numerous other cars of other owners are parked all of whom would gladly confirm that their cars have not corroded coz their cars are not manufactured by Honda.
    14. As a fond lover of my Honda, I ensure – personally ensure – every morning, that my car is dried thoroughly after being washed and, any extraneous matter, if any, is cleaned.
    15. We purchased your product in good faith.

    We may add that since our complaint, the corrosion has led to the front end of the vehicle under the bonnet to be severely damaged as well, leading to the frontal parts almost falling off the car as you would observe from the spilt slippery material in the photos.

    You can easily verify (1) all the similar complaints made against Honda about rust/corrosion and find a pattern of an inherent manufacturing defect (2) the minutest detail of the corrosion by having the vehicle undergo various investigative tests incl. salt test all of which would establish that Honda is guilty.

    Kindly note that – upon expiry of the response period after August 29, 2015 - we would be free to take all possible action against Honda in India and Japan for being duped to buy a vehicle which has corroded owing to obvious manufacturing defect and we would assume that Honda is not interested to rectify the damage.

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    shiv3012 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2015


    Complain against One Assist Consumer Solution Pvt. Ltd.
    P.O Box no.7417 J.B Nagar Post Office Mumbai-400059Application No. MP111675
    Voucher code: 1540985917111675
    Invoice no.100777991
    Platinum Lite: Insurance for Mobile (validity 365 days)(MRP: Rs.2099 p.a.)
    Purchased Date:26/10/2014 Place: Laxmi Nagar New Delhi
    I purchased above mentioned insurance policy for my HTC Desire I bought on 26/10/2014 (Laxmi Nagar,New Delhi), accidentally it get broken as I was pushed by one person from behind & the mobile hit the floor, I called One Assist customer care on 14/01/2015 and got one mail on 19/01/2015 to send them Claim form, Discharge voucher & Handset invoice.
    On 20/01/2015 I send the claim form, Discharge voucher, IMEI pic, handset invoice, One assist invoice, and phone pic.
    But after my numerous follow up still I have no clue whats going on .... please help me to get my claim....

    Shivendra Kumar Singh

  4. #364
    shiv3012 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2015

    Default Complain against One Assist Consumer Solution Pvt. Ltd.

    Complain against One Assist Consumer Solution Pvt. Ltd.
    P.O Box no.7417 J.B Nagar Post Office Mumbai-400059Application No. MP111675
    Voucher code: 1540985917111675
    Invoice no.100777991
    Platinum Lite: Insurance for Mobile (validity 365 days)(MRP: Rs.2099 p.a.)
    Purchased Date:26/10/2014 Place: Laxmi Nagar New Delhi
    I purchased above mentioned insurance policy for my HTC Desire I bought on 26/10/2014 (Laxmi Nagar,New Delhi), accidentally it get broken as I was pushed by one person from behind & the mobile hit the floor, I called One Assist customer care on 14/01/2015 and got one mail on 19/01/2015 to send them Claim form, Discharge voucher & Handset invoice.
    On 20/01/2015 I send the claim form, Discharge voucher, IMEI pic, handset invoice, One assist invoice, and phone pic.
    But after my numerous follow up still I have no clue whats going on .... please help me to get my claim....

    Shivendra Kumar Singh

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    jopraba is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2015


    Dear Sir,

    I introduce myself; my name is Sellamuthu Prabakaran form Tiriuchengodu, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Now I am working in Pondificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali, Colombia as Professor since last 1st August 2015. Before that I was working in Universidad Del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia since last January 2013.

    I am staying in Cali with my family.

    Last April 2009, I took the Housing loan from LICHFL, Trichy (Loan no 21025021511) with 10 years EMI. Up to last January 2015, I paid without any delay every month. Now, due to some financial and unavoidable situation I am not position to pay my EMI against my LIC HFL, because I changed my employer.

    In this regards, I approached to LICHFL, to reschedule or restructuring my loan for remaining period and also I made the compliant to RBI and Complaint No.201415006006643 against LIC Housing Finance Ltd from Banking Ombudsman, Chennai with mail ID, M K Subhashree, Assistant General Manager, RBI, Chennai, on 11th June 2015 and Complaint Acknowledgment Number : COMP/591/2015 Complaint Against : HFC - LIC Housing Finance Limited , Complaint Source : BANKING OMBUDSMAN from Complaint Redressal Cell, National Hosuing Bank, Representative Office- Chennai on 26th June 2015.

    Further, I am requested, to reschedule or restructuring my loan for remaining period many time. I already requested to your representative (Mr Suthagar and Mail ID, but no proper response from his end.

    On last July 10th I got mail from Mr M.SATHYANARAYANAN, AREA MANAGER,LICHFL, TRICHY (Mail ID - and he says that, we will look into this and any possibility for capitalization we will inform you soon. But, after that, there is no proper outcome from him up to today.

    After that, July 13th I approached to MR M.SATHYANARAYANAN, AREA MANAGER,LICHFL, TRICHY, If it is not possible to rescheduling of outstanding my loan, you know well, there is some option is available for defaulters in LIC HFL. Please, find some option to rescheduling or restructuring of outstanding my loan as per LIC HFL. Because as per the as per the RBI - MASTER CIRCULAR - PRUDENTIAL NORMS ON INCOME RECOGNITION, ASSET CLASSIFICATION AND PROVISIONING PERTAINING TO ADVANCES under PART B, (Prudential Guidelines on Restructuring of Advances by Banks), section 11.1 (Second Para 11.1.2), there is some provision is available for defaulters.

    In this regards, once again, I am requested and consider rescheduling or restructuring of outstanding my loan amount and assure you after rescheduling or restructuring of outstanding my loan, I will pay every month without any default.

    Finally, September 4th I got mail from MS BALA SUNDARI ( to pay the entire outstanding loan with in 10th September and also not possible to rescheduling my loan not more than 10 years for NRI. If not under NPA which, they will attract serious legal actions.

    But, I already, requested if it is possible for rescheduling, they can go restructuring my outstanding amount to the remaining period.

    In this regards, I am requesting, please take the necessary action and solve my problem as soon as earlier. And, I hope, I will get the positive reply from your end and rescheduling or restructuring my outstanding loan amounts soon.

    Thanking you with warm regards,

    Dr S Prabakaran
    Universidad Javeriana, Colombia. Dear Sir,

  6. #366
    vinodkumarroy is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Oct 2014


    Dear Sir,

    The complaint is certainly a kind of harassment that I am going through since 9th of July 2015 when I applied for Broadband landline connection (Ref Lead: BHPAT09071500012).

    On 14th July 2015: I received an sms that the contact person from BSNL is Dharamnath Kumar(Mob.No.9431000816).

    On 1st August 2015: The local office took enough (?) time to generate demand note against my request. I paid Rs.4000/- on same day. I was given a modem against my payments which lying idle at my house.

    From 2nd August to till date: I am regularly calling up the above said contact person as well as SDO (T) (Mob.No.9431200285).

    The Department's so called excuse on this matter:
    There is no telephone cable near my house while my next door neighbour used to have BSNL connection which has been now surrendered. There is a telephone line pillar visible in front of third plot from my house. The Department says that the line cable is damaged when the water drain was being constructed. My simple queries are as under:
    1. Why BSNL has accepted any payment from me when there was cable problem in my area?
    2. Why demand note was raised against my request if this was not feasible?
    3. Why the line cable was not repaired when it got damaged approximately 2 to 3 years back?
    4. Why is the Department keeping my money for almost three months when it does not seem possible for the department to provide me the requested facility?
    5. Why has Department kept me waiting for almost four months since the date of application and not taking a final decision whether to give connection or cancel the request?
    Sir, I am feeling disgust when we claim to celebrate DIGITAL INDIA and people like me living in sub-urban area of capital city Patna not able to get proper response and action from BSNL. The lethargic and "CHALTA HAI" attitude of the department in complaint is painful and it hurts.
    I, therefore, request an early action in this regard and resolve my issue as I am facing lots of problem without Internet which is the most important tool for my profession.

    Vinod Kumar Roy (Mob. No. 9430252078)

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    biswa.bishu is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Oct 2014


    CA number: 150381707
    Bill no: 100092474780
    WZ 566, 3rd Floor, Shivnagar, New Delhi


    With due respect, this is to inform that I couldn't get any appropriate
    resolution on repeated visit to the branch nor on call to the customer

    Here is the issue: I am a lower middle class person who spend most of the
    time in a single room who can't expect a bill of 6thousand a month.

    I made d payment of 2810/ on 31st August. Then I hv got a bill of 11,000/
    fr 2 mnths. This is incorrectly billed or there must b any issue with the
    meter reading. If you see my bill history, the average has always been so
    low. Then how come there is such a huge difference bill while living in d
    same room n in d same usage???

    I only have a window AC n a tube light n a TV in a single room which r Not
    always on. 6000/ bill is impossible. U disconnect the connection, I dnt
    care bt plz resolve d issue by checking how such a huge difference
    occurred whn I had d same usage s before..I can not afford to pay such a
    sudden huge difference, plz help me.

    Please find d attached.

    Plz help.

    Tenant at 3rd floor at d address.
    (See attached file: Screenshot_2015-10-27-14-29-14-971.jpeg)

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    ahmedja is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2014


    Sir, I bought marble for 1.5 lacs in June this year and the product is not what was shown to me. There are huge difference in quality and appearance. I called the owner to send its marketing boy several times but thy don't respond. Need ur assistance!

    Fraud company name- Balaji marbles
    Address-khemnichak, bypass road patna
    Mob- 852123011
    Owner name - abhishek


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    vikashsinha is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Feb 2011


    Dear Sir,

    It is for your kind information that I am facing problem with disconnection & getting refund of setup box by your cable operator SOM CABLE, Pratap Nagar. Ludhiana. Phone No. 8146604539 local cable operator of

    FASTWAY Transmission Pvt. Ltd.
    Grand Walk Mall, 5th Floor,
    Opp. Gurdev Hospital,Ferozpur Road,
    Ludhiana- 141002
    Tel:- +91-161-4044444

    I am Fastway Cable TV existing customer holding white setup box Mac add.18550F439CA8, from a long time.

    Now I am facing Sony TV not running in evening from last one and half month . and noted complaint for the same many times to the cable operated and fastway customer care no. 9217092170 both. But yet not resolved. From last 15 days many channels like zee, &tc, &picture, zee news etc are not running and found that now it's additional chargeable.

    Finally we decided to discontinue your services and requested for disconnection on 20th may 2016 and also made complaint no.3034560 8:47am on 31.05.2016 for disconnection again on customer care no.9217092170.

    No one nither visited (my address H/No.11927, ST.4, SAS Nagar, Ludhiana-141003) nor disconnected yet.

    On 1th June2016 I myself visited SOM CABLE office with setup box &accessories but not made refund even after confirmation of no due bills with fastway customer care(92170-92170).

    I am paying advance to SOM CABLE every month(around 15th-20th). Already paid bill in advance on 18th may 2016.
    Now Mr. Son (Phone No. 8146604539) in SOM CABLE is charging for bill for the month of June 2016. Even after talking with fastway executive he is demanding for bill month of June 2016.

    Kindly look into the matter seriously. And process to disconnect my cable connection with immediate effect and pay full refund against setup box at the earliest .

    Please do the needful & oblige.

    Thanking You...

    Vikash Sinha
    Last edited by vikashsinha; 06-02-2016 at 06:15 PM.

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    ajaypathak59 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jun 2015


    Vodafone cheated with me they deducted my 2300 mb data balance in two minute without uses my intenet

    I call costumer care but they dont return my balance i stop data service without data pack but they also stop my data plan what is this this is cheating with consumer first advertising that service if u stop data without internet pack then send a sms stop to 1925 but after SMS they also stop Special Data pack wihout any confirmation to the consumer

    Plz help me plz returned my data plan which is working on my number i only stoped data service for without data pack not with a data plan

    Deduction date. 06-08-2016

    My vodafone number is 9719423735
    Contact no. 9457777505

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    d.soni is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2012


    I have a saving account at SBI,Branch at- Paota-B-Road,jodhpur,Dist-Jodhpur(Rajasthan) and I was charged and amount of Rupees 57.50 dated 21/07/16 from account number xxxxxxxx. I was not aware of scheme about depositing more than 5 times a calendar month and not common inform notice by bank your customer. Anyway it is against the guidelines of RBI to apply charges on saving accounts. I'am not satisfied replied by banking ombudsman.
    Thank you.

  12. #372
    mangesh jadhav is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2013


    My name is Mangesh Jadhav took personal loan from fullerton bank. Fullerton bank not give me noc after i deposited settlment amount in khar branch now after 3 years bank representative called me and told me that you are defaulter and need to pay remaining amount i specify all the things but they not agreed.Even then not give me bank loan latter and settlement they called me on hotel reservation number where i worked and harassed me for due amount

    my settlement amount is 85000 and need to be give in two payments 45000 & 40000
    mentioned as per settlement latter then i deposit second amount 15 days later and confirmed with executive so they told me its fine now they not accepted and told me that its rejected because of you not paid.
    last 25 days they followed me with my work office no and personal number and pressurized you have to paid otherwise we send recovery agents to collect money.

    kindly advice

  13. #373
    kmsn84 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Jun 2011

    Post Demand of excess/ unconveyed charges by Mahindra Finance

    Hon'ble President and Members of District Forum
    Bangalore Urban I and II
    Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum

    In the mater of:

    Keshav Murthy
    #26, 3rd Cross, Patel Muniyappa Layout,
    V. Nagenahalli, R.T Nagar Post,
    Bangalore – 560032


    Mahindra Finance
    Vibhava No,945,
    16th Cross, Lighs, 2nd Phase 'B' Sector,
    Opp: Yelahanka Upnagar Bus Stop
    Bangalore - 560106

    May it please your honours:

    This complaint petition is being filed by Mr. Keshav Murthy, #26, 3rd Cross, Patel Muniyappa Layout, V. Nagenahalli, R.T Nagar Post, Bangalore – 560032, referred hereafter as Complainant, and is as follows:

    1.0 That this complaint Petition is being filed under Sec. 2 (1)(b)(i) of the Consumer Protection Act.
    2.0 That the opposite party Mahindra Finance is a NBFC, engaged in the business of loans and financing institution to the public.


    In year 12-Sep-2013 I have availed a car loan from Mahindra Finance Yelahanka branch with Loan A/c No. 2772155 for a sum of ` 195000/- with repayment of ` 266880/- in 48 EMI’s, for Tata Nano LX Vehicle with Reg No. KA 04 MM 5790.

    Most of my EMI’s were paid in timely manner but since 5th-Sep-2016 I was unable to make regular payments due to some financial crisis.

    As on 25th-Nov-2016 I had paid ` 191780/- in 34 EMI’s out of ` 216840/-
    39 EMI’s for the loan account number 2772155.

    On Saturday 26th-Nov-2016 morning I somehow managed to pay ` 20000/- for an overdue of ` 25060/- for (#35, #36, #37, #38 EMI’s) through online payment to vehicleloan[dot]mahindrafinance[dot]com using my Corporation Bank net-banking facility.

    Amount: ` 20000/-
    Corp Bank A/c No. 05919
    Trxn Ref No. 78227
    Bank Trxn No. 273754688

    With a mail confirmation from vehicleloan[dot]mahindrafinance[dot]com to my email id on the same day.

    On the same day 26th-Nov-2016 afternoon Saturday, I was traveling for business meeting to Peenya, when a team of 3 vehicle recovery agents stopped my car in middle of the road near 71, Outer Ring Road, Jalahalli Village, Jalahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054
    Google Maps Coordinates (13.040117, 77.543825)

    I tried my level best to convince them with the payment reference details which I had made in on Saturday 26th-Nov-2016, and also made my commitment to pay the remaining due of ` 5060 /- + ECS bounce charges + Late fee interest in near one week future but they did not listen to any of requests and said we do not consider same day online payments while seizing a vehicle.

    For supporting help, I called to Mahindra Finance Yelahanka branch manager Mr. Sharath on his mobile no. +91 9886030523 and I narrated the whole issue, and hoped for some kind of help and courtesy, but in reply he said he has no authority with to help in any manner and asked me leave the vehicle to recovery agents as the payment of ` 20000/- made on 26th-Nov-2016 will take 2 working days to reflect in their system and asked me visit to Yelahanka home branch on Tuesday 29th-Nov-2016 morning to collect the releasing letter by paying the remaining due of ` 5060 /- + ECS bounce charges + Late fee interest.

    I desperately begged them to leave my vehicle as I needed to attend the meeting very urgently.

    Even after my multiple requests none of them listened to my concern instead they used goon power and muscle power to collect my car keys, and humiliated me with a harassment in a crowded place.

    Being helpless I was forced to leave the car to the recovery agents, which was then taken to Periplus Services, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560098
    Google Maps Coordinates (12.922731, 77.510742)

    On Tuesday 29th-Nov-2016 Morning I called up to branch manager Mr. Sharath on his mobile no.+91 9886030523. In this call, he said that, to release my vehicle, he demanded to pay an additional ` 8000/- towards repossession charges in an un-accounted way, which he never disclosed to me on Saturday 26th-Nov-2016 while my seizing vehicle.
    In first place, they should have not seized my vehicle as I was paying all the dues in a timely manner with little to less frequency of late payments, due to my financial crises and family problems.
    To understand the additional repossession charges, I referred to the agreement letter which they handed over to me while purchasing the vehicle, to my surprise it was consisting only 3 pages out of 41 pages.

    So, I visited to their home branch in Yelahanka on Thursday 01st-Dec-2016. in formal letter, I requested to give me a copy of the agreement signed and accepted by me for my reference. The executive person very arrogantly said to re-visit on Monday 5th-Dec-2016 as the process will take 3-4 days in the crowded office place in front of all the people.

    This whole incident caused me a mental shock and agony to me in my personal and professional life, which also resulted with a warning letter from my company for poor focus on assigned tasks.


    In view of the submissions contained in the preceding paragraphs, the complainant most respectfully prays to the Hon'ble Forum to direct the Opposite Party to:
    (a) issue an apology letter from the company for creating unnecessary troubles.
    (b) issue a vehicle releasing letter to recovery agency Periplus Services
    (c) waive off the repossession charges of ` 8000/- from my loan account no.2772155.
    (d) pay a sum of ` 300000/- towards the physical strain and mental agony suffered by the complainant (Compensation) and;
    (e) pay a sum of ` 10,000/- towards cost of this petition (Cost);
    for which act of kindness, the complainant shall, as is duty bound, ever pray.

    May it please your honours

    I leave my case in your good hands and request to give me justice and take course of serious action on Opposite Party.

    Keshav Murthy

    Dated: 1st-Dec-2016

  14. #374
    mayurr006 is offline Junior Member
    Join Date
    Dec 2012


    My name is Mayurr Kawa, On 2nd Aug. 2016 a vodafone executive named Vishal came to my place & showed the data plan & said you have to pay Rs.1500 for this plan, & as we were very familiar with him, so we paid him the amount, but after my next billing cycle i show that he haven't activated any plan as what he said while taking money, i called him many times but he was not picking up my calls & due to this i have to faced over billing of my mobile. Then after some days he picked up my call & said that he'll be coming to my place & will sort it out, He camed to my place on 14th Oct & again took Rs.1000 for new plan, and again the same, & again now he is not picking up my calls. I have made an complaint of this executive to Vodafone Customer care regarding this serious issue. also below i have attached a jpg file, the Complaint number provided from Vodafone Customer care executive.
    Is this what Vodafone services are, as the best service they say in their commercial... but conning people by sending this type of fraud executive... I want my money back & a serious action on that executive. Below mentioned are details of that executive.

    Executive Name : Vishal (A Fraud & Con Man)

    Mobile Number : 9930049225

    Hope here i will get the justice.

    Mayurr Kawa
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FIRST APPEAL In Consumer Forum-vodafone-complaint-number..jpg  

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